First dog - first discipline 10 €, every other discipline 5 €
Second and every other dog - every discipline 5 €

All fees are payable on the day of the competition!

Entries open - 10th October 2018
Entry deadline
- 1st November 2018

ONLINE ENTRIES for the World Championship here.
ONLINE CATALOG for the World Championship here.



Show will be held on Sunday, 25th November 2018.
Only pedigreed dogs which have not been neutered or sterilized may be shown.
Specialty Show will not overlap with any of CSWC competitions.

Specialty Show is free of charge!
* If you receive an e-mail with a request to pay a show fee after you register to the Sunday Specialty Show, please ignore it. Programme is not able to make a distinction beetween entered breeds, so it automatically sends the same response to everybody.

ONLINE ENTRIES for the CS Specialty Show here.